About us

Eriochem is a pharmaceutical company with three main pillars: Vertical Integration technology as a competitive tool and market globalization.

Eriochem was born in Argentina and began his first strategic and global business development in 2000. With time plan has expanded to produce cancer drugs for Latin America, Asia Pacific, Europe and North America, including the United States.

The headquarters and main production plant is located in Parana, Entre Rios province, Argentina, Mercosur strategic corridor.

It has a presence in Brazil with ERIOCHEM ZENITEC in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil, with offices and quality control laboratory focused on marketing their products to that country.

It also has facilities in Uruguay, by SZ ERIOCHEM company located in Canelones. There are localized and marketing offices are beginning construction of a new pharmaceutical plant prefilled syringes to the highest demands of the “state of the art” global pharmaceuticals.

The new focus of commercial and institutional development of the company is the United States of America. Therefore it has created a new company: ERIOCHEM USA. It located the state of Nevada, will specialize in the registration and marketing of drugs records in that country.

The last success achieved was the creation of a new legal entity called ERIOMEX by the end of 2015. This sales office is responsible for distribution and marketing in Mexico.

Eriochem is focused on the production of liquid and freeze-cancer drugs to the highest quality standards worldwide.

Eriochem is today recognized and respected worldwide for its strategic comprehensive portfolio of generic oncology products and supergenerics.

This reality allows Eriochem have approved or log in more than 90 countries around the world.

“The high standards of quality and reliability and speed in project management, have placed Eriochem as a strategic partner of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies”

Founding President of ERIOCHEM S.A.

Employees Eriochem

Eriochem has a plant where more than 300 employees, of whom 30% have doctoral degrees, Magisters, or university degree, 60% are qualified technicians, generating environments and highly professional working groups work.

Technology as a competitive tool

Eriochem has a research department dedicated to exploring avenues of application of nanotechnology in pharmaceuticals and Product Development Department divided into three teams. Each team focuses on a different technological areas: Product Development Delayed Release; Development of generic products “difficult-to-make”; and development of “super genércios” products. Development Department works on GMP standards and QBD.

Vertical integration

Both the API and the processing of finished products have the approval of the highest authorities in the world, among which are EMA and US FDA.

Market globalization

We supply the world with products of high quality and are present in highly regulated markets.

Eriochem a laboratory awarded world.


Business Excellence Certificate

Certificate of Excellence for Business 2018


European Award for Best Practices

Awarded by European Society for Quality Research


PYME – Clarín y Banco Galicia Prize

PYME de Alto Impacto Global y PYME de Oro

The company’s success lies in the strategic combination of the application of the highest quality standards in production processes and coordination of highly trained human resources.

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